Comprehensive Positions Summary

Take control of your betting with the comprehensive positions summary and gain new perspectives on your betting portfolio.

At we want you to have full visibility of how any positions you have open are faring. Ensuring you don’t miss a thing in the fast moving betting markets. That’s why we have designed a slick positions summary to assist you, reducing the learning curve and providing you with an additional tool to help you make the most out of the exchange platform.

We try to level the playing the field to help all types of customer. With the positions summary acting as a window into how your bets are performing, it removes the need to have multiple windows open all at once in order to constantly check prices or other events occurring in the market.

The positions summary aims to take all the information associated with your selections and present it to you in one place.

Keep abreast of live market prices, take hedge offers, manage total liabilities, observe percentage odds movements and see market highs and lows in a simple and quick to understand window. We are helping you to take the management of your position to a new level by giving you access to a wealth of information yet enabling you to customise what you want to see and how you want to see it. An invaluable tool for gamblers of all levels, abilities and staking levels.

This powerful, yet highly adaptable positions summary removes the complexity of tracking your selections and will help Sports traders manage their positions in similar way to how financial traders manage their stock portfolio. It really is an invaluable one-stop shop for all your bets on the exchange.

Imagine placing a bet and being able to monitor any changes to the market, second by second, on a clear, live graph that shows you exactly when and how much money is entering the market and how much is matched.

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