Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

This document sets out the Terms & Conditions that govern our relationship with you and is part of the agreement between you and Bet Ltd, according to which Bet Ltd provides you with Services and access to our website (bet.me). These Terms & Conditions apply to all users of the website and associated Services. By accessing the website, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms & Conditions.

Please read these Terms & Conditions and any additional policies and information available on our website carefully before accepting them. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change.

Our agreement with you comprises of:

  1. These Terms and Conditions;
  2. Our Privacy Policy;
  3. Our Responsible Gambling Policy;
  4. Our Exchange Rules and Regulations;
  5. Website related policies;
  6. Any other policies accessible through our website;
  7. Other information that we may bring to your attention from time to time.

References in these Terms and Conditions to "we", "us" or "our" will be to Bet Ltd and “user”, “you”, “your” and “yourself” refers to you.

You will be bound by these Terms and Conditions for the duration that you have an Account with us.

We recommend that you retain copies of your transaction records and our rules, policies and terms and conditions.

If you need any further information, please Contact Us (details provided in section 17 below).

2. Regulatory information

We are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Our account number is 47655.

The website bet.me is owned and managed by Bet Ltd.

If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other documents or policies listed herein, the Specific Conditions will prevail over the general Terms and Conditions.

You acknowledge that by allowing you to use our website, we are not inviting you to use it in any jurisdiction in which such use is illegal or otherwise prohibited.

All the contents of our website and its URL are owned by Bet Ltd. Any unauthorised duplication, reproduction, modification, transmission, alteration or distribution of any part by you could lead to prosecution.

Your use of our website does not grant you any rights as to the content of the website, or any data feeds provided for your use.

3. Accounts

3.1 Registering an account with us

3.1.1 When you apply to open an Account with us, you undertake that:

a. You are over the age of 18, of sound mind and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement with us.

b. You will provide us with correct and accurate information and documentation regarding your registration.

c. Unless otherwise previously agreed by us in writing, you are not acting as an agent on behalf of any third-party person or persons.

d. You are not currently located in a country where betting is prohibited.

e. You will keep your contact details up to date and inform us of any changes as soon as possible. You will not under any circumstances authorise or allow a third party to use your Account or share your login details with another person. You must maintain strict confidentiality of your login details at all times.

f. You are not currently bankrupt or subject to an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA), trust deed or any other form of financial arrangement with any of your creditors and that, as such, you are in charge of your finances.

g. If, under any circumstances, a third-party gains access to your Account, you are wholly responsible for their actions, regardless of whether or not you authorised them to access the Account. We cannot be held liable for any costs, expenses or damages that might arise from any such third-party access to your Account. By agreeing to the above, you indemnify us against any such liability.

h. You are prohibited from selling your Account or from transferring any accrued benefits on the Account to a third party. Furthermore, under no circumstances are you permitted to acquire, or attempt to acquire, an Account belonging to any person other than you, either with or without their permission.

i. You will not use our website in a manner that will alter its contents or introduce malicious materials on the website.

3.1.2 We agree to grant you limited access to our website provided that you comply with these Terms and Conditions and any requirements set out within.

3.1.3 We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions, or any of the Exchange Rules and Regulations, at any time. Any changes will be duly communicated to registered users.

3.1.4 Any charges arising from failed transactions (e.g. due to an expired card or where you have changed your address but not updated the payment method registered address) will be recharged to the customer.

3.1.5 The Business Identification Number (BIN) of Barclaycard Payment Services is Acquirer Bin No. 10021373. Our Acquirer BIN is 523065. Our Barclaycard Merchant Identification numbers are 7102077 (Group); 7150595 (Sales/deposits); 7149293 (Refunds/pay-outs).

3.1.6 The floor limit for all transactions is zero.

3.2 Multiple Accounts

If you already have an Account with us, you are prohibited from opening a new Account. Where we have grounds to suspect that:

  • you are operating more than one Account either in your name or under a different name; or
  • you have acted in a way that appears to be in collusion with another or different individuals to manipulate our systems through linked Accounts

We have complete discretion to withhold any and all winnings that we suspect might have arisen from such behaviour, we may close any account(s) that you have opened and, where appropriate, we may refer such activity to the relevant authorities.

3.3 Eligibility and ID Verification

3.3.1 As part of the registration process, you consent to us undertaking an identity verification check (otherwise known as 'Know Your Customer' or ‘KYC’ check) using information provided by you. Your details may be checked against a variety of identity verification databases and your personal data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy (attached to this document), the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act. You acknowledge that as part of our KYC processes, a search footprint may be recorded on your credit file.

3.3.2 As part of our KYC checks, we may ask you to provide specific proof of identification (for example a copy of your passport, driving licence or proof of address).

3.3.3 The name associated with any payment method that you use for transactions on your account must be identical to that of the account holder. You will not be able to open an account with us if those names do not match. Any charges incurred by the payment services provider will be recharged to the customer’s account.

3.3.4 You are obliged to keep your personal information up to date. This includes, but is not limited to, your address (your primary place of residence), telephone number and email address. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you consent to further identity verification checks on all changes to your personal information.

3.3.5 If your identity cannot be verified within 72 hours of applying to open an Account, your Account will be frozen until such time when your identity can be verified.

3.3.6 We reserve the right, at our discretion, to conduct checks against your registered details to ensure the accuracy of information you have provided and we shall be entitled to demand further evidence as to your age, capacity to legally contract with us, country of residence or any other information needed to comply with our obligations, at any time in the future.

3.3.7 No winnings will be paid to any user who has not satisfactorily passed our KYC and ID verification processes.

3.4 Your location

3.4.1 It is your responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in your country of domicile. Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located. If so, you are not authorised to use your payment card to complete this transaction.

3.4.2 If you are in the UK, your betting activity will be subject to the Gambling Act and the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission.

3.4.3 You are not allowed to use our Services if you are resident in, or whilst you are located in, a country where betting is illegal or prohibited, such as Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America or such other territories that we deem illegal from time to time. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

3.4.4 We are not responsible for any action which may arise against you from accessing our website and using our Services when in a country in which gambling is illegal.

3.4.5 We reserve the right to block transactions that we suspect are from any non-accepted territory at our sole discretion. Additionally, we will not permit any transactions where you are located in any country that is on the Visa Original Credit Transaction Exclusion List.

3.4.6 We reserve the right, for whatever reason and at any time, to close your Account or suspend access to our website if we believe you are in breach of the warranties or undertakings given above.

3.5 Deposit and withdrawal of funds

3.5.1 To place a bet with us, you need to deposit funds in your Account e.g. by a bank transfer, e-wallet or bank card. JCB cards are not acceptable. Payment transactions using corporate cards are not permitted. The maximum number of payment methods that you may have on your account is three.

3.5.2 By depositing funds with us, you undertake that the money in your Account was not generated from an illegal source or illegal activities or tainted with any form of illegality. You also undertake that you will not act in a way or take any action or actions, that will have the effect of reversing, stopping or preventing a payment being made to avoid any legitimate liability arising from your use of our Exchange.

3.5.3 We reserve the right to check your transactions for any indication of money laundering and terrorist financing. Any transactions made by you which we suspect to be linked to money laundering, terrorism or proceeds of crime, may be referred to the appropriate authorities. These checks are part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the security of our users’ funds, and in compliance with our obligations in respect of money laundering and terrorist financing.

3.5.4 We operate a closed loop policy which enforces the withdrawal of funds back to their source. You will be required to level off any deposits made with the same amount of withdrawals before you can withdraw any excess funds back via another payment source. This policy protects both us, and our customers against fraud and money laundering. The difference between your 'total deposits' and 'total withdrawals' by any payment method is called 'net deposits'. If you have deposited more than you have withdrawn to any method, you will have positive net deposits. We will only process withdrawals using the same payment method and Account chosen by you to make deposits. When it is not possible to do so, or you wish to withdraw funds to another payment method, you will be required to level off any deposits made with the same amount of withdrawals using the original payment method before any additional funds can be withdrawn to other registered payment methods.


If your net deposits (deposits on that card/e-wallet/bank account minus withdrawals on that card/e-wallet/bank account) on your registered cards are:

Card A – £50, Card B – £100, Card C – £200, and you have a balance of £400 in your Account, you need to withdraw as follows:

Card A Net Deposits = £50, withdrawal = £50, balance =£0,

Card B Net Deposits = £100, withdrawal = £100, balance =£0,

Card C Net Deposits = £200, withdrawal = £200, balance =£0.

Now that all balances are at £0, you can choose which method you wish to withdraw the remaining £50 to.

You will not be able to remove a payment method from your account unless the net deposit on that payment method is zero or less.

If you no longer have the payment method (e.g. where the card used to make the deposit has expired), we will need to carry out a number of routine security checks before we are able to make the withdrawal to a different payment method. As part of that process, we may require additional documentation from you to confirm that the original payment method used to make the deposit is no longer active and the reason for it ceasing to be active. Please contact Customer Services in such cases.

3.5.5 All withdrawal requests will be processed after the expiry of a set period of time from the withdrawal request being made.

3.5.6 You acknowledge that while we do not impose a maximum withdrawal limit, such limits may be imposed by our payment providers and that these may be subject to change. Withdrawals may also be subject to internal risk reviews by us and our payment providers. The following restrictions have been imposed by our payment provider:

  • VISA: the maximum, total withdrawal by Original Credit Transaction in any one day by an individual cardholder will be €80,000 (or the Sterling equivalent) for Visa Europe transactions or US$50,000 (or the Sterling equivalent) for Visa non-Europe transactions;
  • MAESTRO AND MASTERCARD: transactions are permitted in the EU Region and in countries supported by MasterCard (i.e. they are on the MasterCard Acceptance List) and Barclaycard. The maximum, total withdrawal by Original Credit Transaction in any one day by an individual cardholder will be €50,000 (or the Sterling equivalent) for MasterCard Europe transactions or US$50,000 (or the Sterling equivalent) for MasterCard non-Europe transactions.

3.5.7 We are unable to issue you a refund on any funds deposited in your Account. If you decide that you wish to withdraw the funds in your Account, you must do so using the same payment method when you deposited the funds. You will be required to level off any deposits made with the same amount of withdrawals using the original payment method before any additional funds can be withdrawn to other registered payment methods.

3.5.8 We can only remove cards from a customer’s account which have expired or been lost, stolen, damaged or cancelled. In such cases, we may request from you an image of the new card showing the last four digits of the main card number and the cardholder’s name. All other numbers are to be obscured. We may also request that you supply additional information to us in order to verify the identity of the card holder.

3.6 Suspending or closing your account

3.6.1 You may close or suspend your Account at any time by contacting our Customer Service.

3.6.2 We reserve the right to suspend or close your Account at any time, either with or without cause or due notice to you. We will use our reasonable endeavours to give you notice either before or shortly after suspending or closing your Account if advance notice is not possible.

3.6.3 If we become aware, or have cause to suspect, that you are in certain jurisdictions where gambling or betting is restricted or prohibited, we will take steps to block you from using our website.

3.6.4 Following the closure or suspension of your Account, we will, in the normal course of events, return any outstanding funds in your Account to you, subject to any charges or fees and the availability of the payment method(s) by which the original deposit was made. Where we have reasonable grounds to believe or suspect that such funds were obtained illegally or unlawfully through cheating, collusion or proceeds of crime, we may withhold such funds as per our Terms and Conditions or any requirement of regulations, legislation or by law enforcement agencies. In addition, if we note any suspicious or criminal activity on your Account, we will report it to the appropriate authorities.

3.6.5 Where there is an ongoing investigation on your Account, we reserve the right to withhold the funds in your Account pending the outcome and final determination of such investigation (including any external investigation) where:

a. we suspect that you have acted in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any other agreement relevant to your activities on our website, including where we suspect the Account has been linked with fraudulent or dishonest activity; or

b. we are permitted, or required by law, or to comply with any advice, request or instruction from any governmental, regulatory or enforcement authority

3.6.6 Following the final determination of such investigation, we reserve the right to seize some or all the funds in your Account if we are satisfied that you have acted in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any other agreement relevant to your activities on our website.

3.6.7 Such funds will be managed at our sole and absolute discretion, and where applicable, in accordance with any advice, request or instruction from any regulatory or enforcement authority.

3.6.8 Where a further identification request has been made by law enforcement agencies, industry regulators, tax authorities or other regulatory authorities, to identify you, we will notify you of such request. In the event that you fail to provide us with sufficient identification information, we may suspend your Account and withhold any outstanding funds until such time as you provide the requested information or pending final determination of any investigation which may relate to such request.

3.6.9 At no point would we pay any interest on the funds held in your account.

3.7 Your indemnities

3.7.1 You agree that we rely on the information provided by you in entering into our agreement with you in accordance with our Privacy Policy (attached to this document) and agree not to hold us liable for any falsehood or inaccuracy contained in the information you provide to us.

3.7.2 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to indemnify and hold Bet Ltd, its directors, agents and employees harmless from all or any liability, claims, losses or demands made by any third party arising out of your breach of this agreement.

4. Segregation and protection of user funds in the event of insolvency

We hold user funds in a ring-fenced client Account in line with regulatory requirements. This means that we have taken steps to protect your funds in the unlikely event that Bet Ltd becomes subject to insolvency proceedings.

This arrangement meets the Gambling Commission’s requirements for the protection of user funds at the level: basic protection. More information on the levels of protection and the ratings system can be found at https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-the-public/Your-rights/Protection-of-customer-funds.aspx

5. Commission and fees

5.1 General

5.1.1 There are certain types of charges that you may be required to pay when using our Services as set out below. There are also additional charges that may apply in particular circumstances to users of our Exchange (see below).

5.1.2 All charges are inclusive of VAT, where applicable.

5.1.3 We reserve the right to amend our charges from time to time. In such cases, we will notify you accordingly.

5.1.4 We use rounding to calculate the exact amount of commission that is to be paid on any Market. For this purpose, any sum of £0.0049 or below shall be rounded down to the nearest penny, and any sum of £0.005 or above shall be rounded up to the nearest penny.

5.2 Commission

We will apply a 2.00% percentage commission rate to your net winnings on any Market.

5.3 Deposit and withdrawal fees

Charges may apply to deposits and withdrawals to reflect the cost incurred by us as a result of processing excessive transactions. These may include charges that may have been levied on us by our payment processor for transactions which will be passed on to you at cost.

5.4 Inactive account fee

5.4.1 In certain circumstances, an Inactive Account Fee of £5.00 (including VAT) may be charged. We will begin charging you the Inactive Account Fee each calendar month where:

  • there has been no log in recorded on your Account for twelve (12) consecutive months or more (i.e. no “Account activity”) and
  • your Account is in credit.

5.4.2 We will notify you that an Inactive Account Fee will be charged thirty (30) days prior to any fees being incurred.

5.4.3 The Inactive Account Fee will be taken from your Account monthly whilst the Account remains in credit.

5.4.4 If the Inactive Account Fee is due to be withdrawn from your Account and the balance of your Account is less than the said fee), the Inactive Account Fee shall comprise of the remaining funds in your Account. Your account will be closed at that point when there are no funds remaining.


If the last time you engaged in an Account activity was 28 February 2016, and your Account held funds of £25 as at 31 March 2017, then we would charge the first Inactive Account Fee of £5 on or around 31 March 2017 and would continue to charge the Inactive Account Fee monthly thereafter until the Account balance reaches £0.00. We would have notified you by your preferred communication medium of our intention to debit your Account at least 30 days prior to 31 March 2017.

6. Limitation of liability of Bet Ltd

All reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy and completeness of any content on our website have been taken by us. However, the content is offered ‘as is’ and we exclude any warranties, undertakings or representations as to the quality related to third party content.

In no event will we, or any of our suppliers, accept any liability, however arising for any losses you may incur as a result of using our Services.

Under no circumstances will we be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages, loss of profits (direct or indirect) or benefit of any bet arising from breach of contract, negligence, equitable duty (including for the avoidance of doubt in relation to any bet(s) or Market(s) voided by us) or other liability even if we had been advised of or known (or should have known) of the possibility of such damages or losses.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes our liability with respect to death and personal injury resulting from our negligence, or that of our employees, agents or subcontractors.

7. Force majeure and other matters beyond our reasonable control

Without prejudice to our obligations contained within the various laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where we are licensed, we are not liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer because of any: act of God; power cut; trade or labour dispute; act, failure or omission of any government or authority; obstruction or failure of telecommunication services; or any other delay or failure caused by a third party or otherwise outside of our control. In such an event, we reserve the right to cancel or suspend our Services (including the placement of any bets) without incurring any liability.

Failure by us to carry out our obligations under these Terms and Conditions in the events ‘outside our control’ will not be considered to be a breach of these Terms and Conditions.

We are not liable for any losses you may incur due to failure of any equipment or software, (however caused, wherever located or managed, whether under our direct control or not) that may prevent the operation of our Services, impede the placing of offers for bets or the matching of bets, or prevent you from being able to contact us.

Where you place a bet with the intention of subsequently placing a separate bet to reduce the liability incurred by the initial bet, there can never be a guarantee that the Services will be available at the point you wish to place the subsequent bet (this is the case regardless of whether or not the unavailability of the Services is due to a matter beyond our reasonable control).

We will not be liable for any third party’s failure to carry out their responsibilities under our Terms and Conditions.

8. Right of set off

We may at any time, and without notice to you, set off any liability owed to us or to our users by you, including (without limitation) in relation to any Account in your name or which we believe to be under your control:

  • against any funds held in another Account in your name or which we believe to be under your control; and/ or
  • against any liability that we determine that you have to us, pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, including (without limitation) our Charges.

9. Assignment or transfer of obligations

You may not, at any time, assign or transfer your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions, to any third party.

We may assign, transfer or substitute any or all of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to a third party at any time without notice to you.

10. Severability

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, effort shall be made to reform the relevant part in line with the original text in order to be permitted by the applicable law and allow it to be enforced. The validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not in any way be affected or impaired and will continue to be in full force and effect.

11. Intellectual property

Unless otherwise stated, we are and remain the owner of:

  • all copyright and related rights in and to our website, including, without limitation, any trading tools, price data and related content on our website, except for certain third-party rights where identified;
  • all trade mark rights, whether registered or unregistered, in and to us including the Bet.me name, logo and other brand material;
  • the domain name “bet.me” which is our primary uniform resource locator ("URL").

Any data licensed to us from third parties is provided for use on our website only and may not be used for any commercial purposes without the consent of such third parties.

The following use of price data or any other data or content from our website, our API or any other source (together referred to as “Bet Ltd Data”) is strictly prohibited without our specific prior written consent:

  • for commercial use by any person;
  • for any use and for any purpose by our competitors, an employee, contractor or agent of any such competitor (collectively referred to as “Restricted Persons”), apart from placing bets on our Exchange;
  • screen scraping, web scraping or any other automated or manual collection of our Data, for commercial use by any person and/or for any use by a Restricted Person, is expressly prohibited.

You acknowledge that any unauthorised use of any of the above rights may result in legal prosecution or other action being taken against you, including the suspension or termination of your Account

12. Changes to this agreement

We may and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Some changes may also be required in order to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

When such material changes to these Terms and Conditions are made, we will publish them on our website, notify you and request your acceptance of them for continued use of our website.

13. Communication and notices

Any communications from you to us under these Terms and Conditions should be done by one or more of the methods stated in the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website.

Communications and notices from us to you under these Terms and Conditions will be provided to you in writing via email or via a notification on our website, or both.

14. Governing law and jurisdiction

Unless otherwise stated, this document and its enforcement are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Where a dispute arises in relation to any provision in this document, the courts of England and Wales will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to determine such dispute.

In the event that these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, is prepared in languages other than the English language, and there is a discrepancy or discrepancies between the English and non-English versions, the English version shall prevail.

15. No waiver

No failure or delay by a party to exercise any of its rights under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver thereof and no single or partial exercise of any such right shall prevent any other or further exercise of that or any other right.

16. Entire agreement

These Terms and Conditions and the associated policies and documents previously referred to, constitute the entire agreement between you and Bet Ltd in relation to the subject matter thereof.

Each party confirms that in entering into this agreement, it does not rely on and shall have no remedies in respect of, any representation or warranty that is not set out in these Terms and Conditions. The parties also confirm that they have not been influenced or induced in anyway, to accept this document as to its merchantability, fitness for purpose or uninterrupted functionality, representation, statement, assurance, covenant, agreement, undertaking, indemnity or commitment of any nature whatsoever, other than as are expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions.

No party shall have any claim for innocent or negligent misrepresentation based upon any statement in this agreement.

17. Complaints, disputes and referral to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service

A ‘complaint’ means a complaint about any aspect of our conduct of the licensed activities. A ‘dispute’ is any complaint which:

  • relates to the outcome of the complainant’s gambling transaction; and
  • is not resolved at the first stage of our complaint procedure

Although we wish to be as open and transparent as possible in our handling of complaints and disputes, we require our customers not to share their complaint in public (e.g. to the press or to online forums) before we have concluded our efforts to resolve the complaint or dispute. This is to ensure that the outcome of any investigation is not jeopardised or compromised by information about the complaint or the investigation being made public. This requirement should not in any way prevent you from seeking help or advice with your complaint where you need it.

Complaints must be presented to us within 6 months of the date of the alleged incident.

Complaints presented to us outside that period will not be considered.

You may raise a complaint or dispute either by telephone, email or in writing to our Customer Support Team (contact details are below), giving as much supporting information about the complaint as you have. Your complaint will be acknowledged within one working day and will be investigated by a member of the team. We will endeavour to issue a final response to your complaint within 8 weeks of receipt of your complaint. Please note that the 8-week period may be extended if you fail to engage with the complaint process in a timely manner. This may occur where we have requested further information from you and we may “stop the clock” until we receive that information from you. In such cases, the clock will be restarted from the same point as it was stopped as soon as we receive the requested information from you. You may contact us at any time by the following means:

Phone: +44 (0) 1937 860000

Email: support@bet.me

Post: Bet Ltd, Thorp Arch Grange, Thorp Arch, Wetherby LS23 7BA.

Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of our decision, you may request to have the decision reviewed by a Senior Manager. That escalation process will also be concluded within the same 8-week period starting from the date of receipt of the original complaint and be subject to the same “stop the clock” process where we have requested further information from you.

Once our investigation process has been completed (and in any event, on conclusion of the 8-week period), we will advise you of our final decision and that we have reached the end of our complaints process.

If you remain dissatisfied with our final response, you may refer your dispute to our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) entity, ProMediate. (If you advise us directly that you remain dissatisfied, we will refer the issue to Promediate). Please note that ProMediate may reject complaints that it considers to be frivolous or vexatious. ProMediate operates a consumer mediation service, certified by the Gambling Commission. ProMediate's role is to help to resolve disputes through conciliation and mediation. The service is independent. Using the service is voluntary and you will not be charged for the use of their services. We agree to fully support any investigations Promediate chooses to undertake. We will advise the Gambling Commission of the outcome of every case that is referred to the ADR.

You may refer a dispute to Promediate at any time following the conclusion of our review of the dispute, so long as this is done within twelve months from the date of our final response to your complaint. Promediate will, on an exceptional basis, accept referrals outside this period if it considers it just to do so. We are not able to refer disputes directly to Promediate. That must be done by you as detailed below. Further information regarding Promediate and their services can be found on their website and you can contact them using any of the methods below:


Brow Farm Top Road




Tel: 0203 621 3908 or 07827 961 764

Email: mailto:enquiries@promediate.co.uk

Website: https://www.promediate.co.uk/

More information on how to make a complaint can be found on the Gambling Commission website at https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-the-public/Your-rights/Complaints.aspx

You may also refer your complaint to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform which can be assessed at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=EN

The ODR Platform will contact us and we will refer them to Promediate. Promediate will communicate with us and with you within 30 days and inform both parties of their decision on the complaint within 90 days.

Our regulatory body is the Gambling Commission. You may contact them at:

Gambling Commission

Victoria Square House

Victoria Square


B2 4BP

Website: http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/

Email: mailto:info@gamblingcommission.gov.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 121 230 6666

Fax: +44 (0) 121 230 6720

18. Terms for the use of our Service

18.1 General conditions

18.1.1 We will provide you with access to our betting Exchange via our Services, where you can make different betting transactions to the available Markets on our website ("Markets"). By using and placing bets on our Exchange, you agree to be bound by our General Conditions and where applicable, the Specific Conditions in our Exchange Rules & Regulations, relevant to you and your betting transaction(s).

18.1.2 In these General Conditions, when we refer to "the Services", we mean all the Services listed below, where you can enter betting transactions:

  • via our website (the "Website Service");
  • via our mobile service (the “Mobile Service”);
  • via the Application Programs Interface ("API").

18.1.3 Our primary role in the Exchange is to act as a facilitator not as a counterparty, between Customers wishing to make bet offers to each other. When these offers have been made and matched or partially matched, a contractual agreement will be formed between the individual Customers.

18.1.4 You agree to be bound by our Terms regarding our Charges, our Conditions relating to our Website Service (if you plan to access the Services via our website), Mobile Service (if you plan to access the Services by mobile phone or other mobile platform) and the Conditions relating to the API (if you plan to enter into a licence to use the API).

18.1.5 Full details about our settlement rules may be found on our Exchange Rules and Regulations.

18.1.6 We do not accept liability for any losses incurred as a result of your failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions, unless this is due to our negligence.

18.2 Use of our services

By using our Services and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you fully understand and accept that:

a. Our website and associated services provide information for your personal use only. It is not intended as advice or recommendation. The sole purpose is to provide you with information. All bets are placed at your own risk.

b. There is a risk that you may lose money on bets placed, and you take full responsibility for any such losses.

c. Amounts lost by you under any bet are not recoverable from us. You shall have no claims against Bet Ltd or any of its directors, officers or employees.

d. You are responsible for controlling your gambling and have read and agreed to abide by our Responsible Gambling Policy (which is available on this exchange).

e. You will not use any of our Services or place any bets with us while under a self-exclusion agreement, time out period or while under any other break from gambling activity.

f. You are responsible for verifying that you are eligible to use our Services according to the jurisdiction of your domicile or residence. You will not use our Services while you are located in a jurisdiction which prohibits or otherwise restricts such services.

g. Your sole intent in using our Services is for your personal use and legitimate betting purposes only. You agree not to undertake the following activities:

i. attempt to gain unauthorised access to our Services, computer systems and/or take part in any activity that may cause damage to or obstruct in any way, our business operations, generate or increase a liability on us, including without limitation any tax, levy or duty collecting authority;

ii. manipulate or interfere in any way any individual Market with the intention of harmfully affecting the integrity of our Exchange or any Market, offered by our Services;

iii. engage in activities that assist gambling on any sporting event or contest, offered by our Exchange, from any territory where it is illegal to do so;

iv. knowingly introduce viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or other malicious material to our network.

18.3 Your conduct

18.3.1 You will use the tools and information from our Services solely in compliance with the applicable law.

18.3.2 You will not collude with other users and attempt to use our Exchange to intentionally move money from one Account to another by trying to match bets on a Market with another Account.

18.3.3 You agree to notify us immediately if you become aware of any errors related to your Account and personal details and acknowledge that you will forfeit any amounts shown to be in your Account as a result of human error or technological fault. We will endeavour to rectify such errors and reserve the right to declare void any bets that are the subject of such an error.

18.3.4 You will not act in a manner that deliberately disguises or conceals the IP address of the device you are using to access our Exchange or take calculated steps to prevent us from correctly identifying your IP address to ascertain that you are not located in a jurisdiction where betting is illegal or prohibited.

18.3.5 You are solely responsible for the payment of any taxes or duties related to your betting transactions, according to the legislation in your jurisdiction.

18.3.6 You agree that you will not access any other Account to use any of our Services or products from which you have self-excluded during the period of any such self-exclusion or during any other period in which you have taken a break from gambling, for example, during a time out.

18.3.7 Unless you inform us as soon as you become aware of any errors related to any player protection mechanisms we provide to you, we shall not be liable for any losses which you may experience as a result of any such errors or failings.

18.3.8 You agree not to make offensive comments, use offensive or pornographic material or make potentially defamatory or inflammatory remarks on any forum which we may offer on our website from time to time, or on any other part of our website which may include your username, or other information which you may have put on our website.

18.4 Operation of our Service

18.4.1 We reserve the right to refuse to post your offer on our Exchange without giving prior notice.

18.4.2 It is a condition of our acceptance of bets that for a bet to be valid, customers placing such bets must not be in breach of any rules about irregular and/or suspicious betting or misuse of inside information relevant to a sport’s governing body (e.g. betting by a registered participant of the sport betting on that sport), other professional body of which they are a member, or their employers. Where such a breach of these rules is identified, the bet will be voided.

18.4.3 The offered prices are a snapshot of the prices in the Exchange at a recent point in time. These prices are not guaranteed prices, as since they were generated offers could have been cancelled or matched by other users. If your bet is not matched by the Exchange because the offer is no longer available, your bet will still be accepted as an offer.

18.4.4 Occasionally, in certain circumstances, we may act as counterparty in respect to bets.

18.4.5 It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the contents of our website and the Services that we offer. In order to enhance our Services, we may from time to time, change the format and content of the Services. Where this is the case, it will not affect the quality of services provided. You are solely responsible for understanding the content of our Services and website.

18.4.6 We, in our absolute discretion, will determine when the Markets are open for betting purposes and reserve the right to close the Markets at any time. We aim to settle Markets as quickly as possible, although we give no assurances as to the timeframe in which Markets will be settled.

18.4.7 You are entirely responsible for the information you provide when placing a bet on our Exchange. Therefore, you are advised to ensure the accuracy of such information before placing a bet. When placing a bet on our Exchange, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that you use sensible information. We will not enquire as to the reasonableness of any bets placed by you.

18.4.8 It is your responsibility to ensure that you are sufficiently aware of how to use the extensive range of trading tools we offer and ensure the correctness of any entries you make while using our Exchange. We will not be liable for any errors made by you in this respect.

18.4.9 In our sole and absolute discretion, we may decide to suspend betting on a Market at any time (even if such suspension is earlier than anticipated by our Exchange Rules and Regulations). To protect and maintain the integrity and fairness of our Markets, certain bets or the whole Market in its entirety may be voided.

18.4.10 You accept that customised programs (bots), designed to place bets automatically within certain parameters, may be active in any or all Markets at any time. You will not assume that bets on quiet Markets will not be automatically matched simply because the Market otherwise appears quiet. If you use a bot, you accept that they might be prone to exploitation by other users who may be using bots and you will not hold us liable in any way, for any losses experienced as a result of their use. Bet Ltd may use bots to participate in gambling on its behalf.

18.4.11 We reserve the right to restrict you from using "bots" if we believe that you have used a bot:

a. to the detriment of our business;

b. to place other users at a disadvantage;

c. to place bets on or manipulate any Market which has the purpose or effect of adversely affecting the integrity of the Exchange or any Market therein.

18.5 Cancellation, closure, suspension and breach

Where we are required to do so by applicable law, or in our absolute discretion, we may in certain circumstances restrict your access to our website and Services, suspend or close your Account, remove your offers for bets, void any matched bets outstanding on your Account or cancel any unmatched bets. These circumstances include but are not limited to when:

a. a technological failure is present;

b. we have serious grounds and valid reasons to suspect fraudulent or illegal activity, including collusion or cheating by you (you are responsible for any losses and/or expenses that we suffer as a result of such activities);

c. you have (or we suspect you may have) breached any part of these Terms and Conditions or our Exchange Rules and Regulations;

d. we believe you are acting in a manner that is detrimental to the image of our business or which may result in legal liability for you, us or third parties;

e. we have serious grounds to suspect that information from our website and Services have been used by you for commercial purposes;

f. we have the right to do so as set out in our Exchange Rules and Regulations or other policies as we may from time to time determine.

18.6 Underage gambling

Underage gambling is a criminal offence and will not be tolerated on our Exchange under any circumstances. If we believe that you are under the age of 18, or that you were under 18 when you placed any bets on the Exchange, we shall as soon as possible:

  • Suspend your Account. This will mean that you are unable to place any further bets or make withdrawals from your Account. Where possible, any pending withdrawals shall be cancelled and the matter investigated.
  • Should we find that you have been betting whilst under age, we will withhold any winnings accrued and remaining on your Account, and any stakes placed whilst you were under age shall be refunded to you.

18.7 Responsible gambling

We have a commitment to promote responsible gambling for our users by putting in place tools to enable you to manage your gambling. These include tools such as deposit and loss limits, time outs and self-exclusion. For more information, please refer to our Responsible Gambling Policy.

18.8 Cancellation of an offer for a bet

18.8.1 You may cancel any unmatched bets at any time when the Market is open. This is done manually by you whilst you are logged in to your Account.

18.8.2 You must be aware that bets might be wholly or partially matched during the time that you go to cancel them, and that no bet is cancelled either wholly or in part until you see confirmation in your Account.

18.8.3 Any unmatched bet that is not marked as “keep at in-play” will be cancelled when a Market is turned in play or, for example with football, on the occurrence of a material event. When you edit a bet, and submit it at a new price, the old bet at the original price is effectively cancelled.

18.9 Minimum and maximum bet stakes

There are no maximum or minimum size of bets should you wish to bet on our Exchange. The only restriction is that any bet must be at least 0.01 GBP (1p) and to win at least 0.01 GBP (1p).

18.10 Bet settlement

18.10.1 All bets will be settled in accordance with our Exchange Rules and Regulations. Should any Market be deemed to have been settled unfairly or incorrectly, we reserve the absolute right to amend the settlement.

18.10.2 Your balance will be adjusted to reflect any resettlement and this could cause, in certain circumstances, your Account to go into a negative balance. Should this be the case, you are required to cover the full sum of any negative balance.

18.11 In-play betting

18.11.1 In-play betting (or ‘in-running’ or ‘live betting’ as it is also known) is betting while the event is actually taking place. For example, placing a bet on a horse race while the race is being run, or on a football match whilst the match is being played. In-play bets will usually be subject to a time delay. Any such delay will be laid out in our Exchange Rules and Regulations.

18.11.2 We reserve the right to cancel any in-play bets that we believe have been placed unfairly, or in a way that conflicts with the transparency of our Exchange. For example, if we believe that bets have been matched on an already pre-determined outcome, or if we suspect bets have been matched between two known parties to transfer money between them in a way that might be dishonest, or for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing.

19. Conditions relating to 3rd party information

On selected Markets, we may provide you with third party data in the form of live scores, streaming, or statistics. We do this in an attempt to enhance your experience with us.

Where we provide access to third-party data, we give no guarantee as to the accuracy, quality, completeness or latency of this information. Any user that makes use of this data does so entirely at their own risk and Bet Ltd takes no warranty of any kind as to actions taken based on such information.

Please be aware that any information described as “live”, may be subject to delays over and above any bet delay applied on a Market. We advise users to take extreme caution when placing bets on live Markets, as they are solely liable for the outcome of those bets.

Where we link to any third-party website, this in no way constitutes an endorsement of any products, services, or opinions available on those websites. You access those websites at your own risk, and we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or loss that you experience as a result of accessing or using the services offered by any of these websites.

20. Privacy Policy

20.1 Introduction

This Privacy Policy explains how we use any personal information that we collect about you when you visit our website or use our betting exchange in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act.

20.2 Your personal information we collect and how we use it

We collect information about you when you register with us, when you use our exchange or communicate with us (e.g. by phone, text or email or take part in a survey or competition). This information may include, but is not limited to your name, address, email address, phone/mobile number, date of birth, location and other details required for our account creation and age/identity verification processes.

Specifically, for job applicants this may also include recruitment and onboarding information that we require to assess your application and establish your suitability for employment. This may include but is not limited to: CV, work history, identity documents, National Insurance Number, Disclosure and Barring Service checks, health information, references, credit history, personal financial information. Health information will only be required where relevant to comply with Health and Safety or Disability discrimination obligations.

Our lawful bases for processing your data are:

  • Legal obligation: as a regulated data controller, we are required to comply with certain legal obligations e.g. gambling, fraud and anti-money laundering legislation. We need to process your data so that we can verify your age, identity, and source of funds so that we can combat fraud, money laundering, terrorism funding, tax evasion, bribery/corruption, extortion and attempts to breach sanctions. We are required by applicable law to process and retain your personal information to meet our legal obligations. Where requested to do so in support of any investigation, we will supply it to government or law enforcement agencies. Accordingly, you are unable to object to processing of, or request deletion of your information which is required for the fulfilment of such obligations.
  • Contract: when you open an account with us, you enter a contract with us. We need to collect and process your personal information in order to manage your account (e.g. to allow you to place bets and collect winnings). If you decide to exercise your right of deletion or object to our processing of your data, it will not be possible for us to provide our service to you.
  • Consent: we may send to you marketing messages about products or services provided by us or our partners where you have not unsubscribed and where you have placed a bet with us. You retain the right to withdraw your consent to any or all of such messages at any time. Details of how to do so are on our website and in the Contact Us section below.
  • Legitimate interests: our legal basis for processing your personal information for any other reason is in our legitimate interests. This means that we collect and process your information so that we can improve and personalise the services that we provide to you. It also allows us to: send information to you about our products and services; monitor accounts to fulfil our social responsibility obligations to our customers: update you about your betting activities; comply with the Gambling Act’s objectives; maintain accurate records; analyse and profile your data to manage business risks and detect suspicious activity; investigate any complaints about our services or website; comply with all legal and regulatory requirements including disclosure of such information where required by legal process or litigation.

We may record our telephone conversations with you for training and monitoring purposes and for effective resolution of any complaints or disputes that may arise.

Your personal information may also be used to notify you about important changes, new services and special offers which may be of particular interest to you.

Your data may be used to create aggregated and anonymised statistical data.

When accessing our website and Services and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you consent to Bet Ltd collecting, using, maintaining and disclosing personal information that you provide to us as described in this Policy.

20.3 Cookies

Website usage information is collected using cookies. Cookie are fields in a returned HTTP response. We use cookies to improve the performance of our exchange and enhance your user experience by tracking visitors’ use of the exchange and personalising repeat visits. For further information visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org

You can set your browser to not accept cookies or to delete them after a fixed time period or on exit from the browser session. The above websites tell you how to do this and how to remove cookies from your browser. However, if you do this, in a few cases some of our exchange features may not function as a result.

Cookies do not give us access to your computer or any information about you. We do not store any of your personal information in your Cookies.

When you use the bet.me website, the following types of cookies can be set on your device:

Session Cookie (BETUSER): the Session Cookies Mechanism does not allow bet.me to access any personal data or private information from a user's device. Session management Cookies are used for authenticating a user in the website, securing the user's session in the website and facilitating the correct configuration of the user’s preferred website functions e.g. identifying you as being signed in to bet.me and keeping you logged in throughout your visit.

Tracking Cookies (e.g. utm, googleadservices.com): bet.me uses Google Analytics who set their own cookies. These cookies are used to collect statistical information about visitors to the website and the pages they view. These cookies do not collect information that allows a visitor to be identified. All the information these cookies collect is aggregated and used anonymously to help us to understand what content is popular and so help us to improve our website.

Third Party Cookies (e.g. Twitter): Some cookies that have been set on our websites are not related to bet.me. When you visit a page with content embedded from, for example, Twitter or YouTube, these service providers may set their own cookies on your web browser. We do not control the use of these cookies and cannot access them, as cookies can only be accessed by the party who originally set them. Please inspect the cookie policy of the third party for further details.

20.4 Who we share your personal information with

We may share your details with, and also use information from, service providers to verify your identity and eligibility to open an Account with us. The information provided to them will be used to verify your identity and age and to process payments. This process may involve automated decision-making processes to determine your eligibility to open an account with us. We only use service providers who are GDPR-compliant and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We are required by law to share your personal information with regulatory bodies such as the Gambling Commission and other law enforcement agencies (if requested).

We do not sell or provide personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Your data may be shared with other companies within the Steve Ltd Group of companies.

20.5 How long we retain your personal information for

Your information will only be retained for as long as we reasonably need it for legal and/or business purposes. This is necessary to allow us to manage your Account effectively and conduct our business. Typically, this will not exceed 7 years after account closure. However, we may need to retain your information indefinitely e.g. to comply with a legal requirement, to manage self-exclusion or responsible gambling or for loss prevention, to protect our rights, privacy, safety, or property, or those of other persons in accordance with our legitimate interests.

We will employ industry best practices to ensure that your data remains secure at all times including its secure disposal. When your data is no longer required for the purposes listed above, we will typically delete it after the periods shown below:

  • Consent to receive marketing: refreshed every 2 years
  • Unsuccessful job applications: 6 months
  • Business partners: on exit from the relationship
  • Employees/contractors: employment term plus 6 years minimum

20.6 Safeguarding your personal information

We are committed to safeguarding your information. Any information provided by you will be handled with high security and confidentiality and in accordance with the GDPR. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, accidental loss or destruction of personal data, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions including this Privacy Policy, you accept responsibility for your internet security, making sure that you use trusted anti-virus protection, carry out regular software updates on your device and never leave your device unattended while using our Services. Ensure you use a strong password to protect against unauthorised access to your Account.

Generally, e-mail is not considered a secure medium of communication, hence, we advise that you take all reasonable care when sending us private and sensitive information via e-mail. Ensure that your network is secure for personal communication.

Although we take reasonable steps to ensure information security, we cannot be responsible for any acts of unauthorised access or abuse of our website. We make no warranty that we will always be able to prevent such access.

20.7 Your rights

The GDPR gives you certain rights about your data. These rights may be passed on to any third party with whom we have shared your data. Your rights may be exercised at any time by contacting us (contact details are below). They are summarised as follows:

The right to be informed: of how we process your personal data as detailed in this Privacy Policy.

The right of access: You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. This will be provided to you within 1 month, subject to confirmation of your identity.

The right to rectification: we will rectify any inaccurate or incomplete data within one month of notification by you.

The right to erasure of your data: if it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected; you withdraw your consent to its use and there is no legitimate interest to retain it; it was unlawfully processed or needs to be erased for a legal reason; it relates to a child. This right does not apply where we need to retain the data due to a legal obligation or in defence of any claim.

The right to restrict processing: where you contest the accuracy of the data; you object to its processing; processing is unlawful; you require the data for a legal claim and we no longer require it.

The right to data portability: you may move, copy or transfer your data to another IT environment in a commonly used format free of charge within one month of the request (subject to confirmation of your identity). This right applies only to data which you personally supplied to us consensually or contractually and which is processed automatically.

The right to object: to processing based on legitimate interests; direct marketing (including profiling). Such requests will be responded to immediately unless overriding legal or legitimate grounds exist. You can withdraw your consent to direct marketing at any time. Our contact details are below.

The right not to be subject to automated decision making and profiling: For automated decisions, you can insist on human intervention, can express your point of view and request an explanation of any automated decision and challenge that decision. This right does not apply where the automated decision is contractual, authorised by law, consensual or where it has no legal or significant effect on you. In all cases, we will ensure that we are fair and transparent about the logic involved, we use appropriate decision-making procedures, inaccuracies and errors are minimised and data is kept secure.

20.8 Your right to complain to a supervisory body

Should you remain dissatisfied with how we have dealt with your complaint or handled your information, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Further details can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website at https://ico.org.uk/concerns/.

20.9 Transfer of your personal information

Although unlikely, we may need to transfer your information outside the European Economic Area. All such transfers will be carried out in full compliance with the GDPR and any other applicable legislation.

20.10 Other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites. This Privacy Policy only applies to our website, so when you visit other websites through a link provided on our website, ensure you exercise caution and read the website provider’s Privacy Policy.

20.11 Changes to this policy

We review and amend our Privacy Policy on a regular basis. It forms part of our Terms and Conditions. If any changes are made to it, you will be given the opportunity to view them the next time you log on to our exchange. You will not be able to access the Exchange unless and until you have accepted the revised Terms and Conditions including the Privacy Policy.

20.12 Contact us information

The Data Controller of your data is Bet Ltd, Thorp Arch Grange, Thorp Arch, Wetherby, LS23 7BA. Our Data Protection Officer may be contacted at this address or as follows:

Telephone: +44 (0)1937 860000

Email: support@bet.me

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a data controller. Our registration number is ZA212847. You may view our details on the register: https://ico.org.uk/ESDWebPages/Entry/ZA212847.

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