Global Hedge

The global hedge feature on the betting exchange gives you the opportunity to level your profit or loss over multiple markets with a single click. It enables you to close your positions on every exchange market that you’re involved with, instead of having to close each of them separately.

For many, trading on multiple markets at the same time comes as second nature, but hedging out of all of these markets individually can be a slow and laborious process. How many times have you been left frustrated after for example, being unable to close all of your existing positions quickly enough when encountering internet connectivity issues or having had to leave your trading desk due to an unforeseen event. The exchange features a one click button that gives you the ability to close your position across all of your open markets instantaneously, saving you time and hassle while removing the worry out of closing out in time.

Imagine, for example, betting on lots of tennis matches on the first day of a grand slam and having trades on numerous in-play matches. Using the exchange you will now, not only be able to view the cash out figure on each individual market, you will also be able to see your overall hedge position across all of them. So if you get tired of trading after a long session or you’re happy with your current global hedge offer, simply click the global hedge button to quickly and effectively get out of all of your positions immediately, in one go.

Additionally, as another example, the global hedge feature will also make it much easier to manage your positions on the go. It may be that you have placed several football bets on the 3pm kick offs on Saturday but have a commitment to be somewhere else at the same time. When checking the scores you notice a few results are going your way but don’t have time to quickly attempt to hedge each market individually. Now, with just one-click of a button you can lock in the profit displayed.

We do all the hard work in terms of calculating your bets and with the one click global hedge button you can level your position across a market in moments. It makes locking in a profit, or reducing/limiting your losses, a quick and easy task. If a global hedge is not for you, you can still manage your positions in separate markets. Each market has its own individual hedge feature as well.

We believe this is an invaluable tool and will quickly become a key element of your betting strategies here at

Imagine placing a bet and being able to monitor any changes to the market, second by second, on a clear, live graph that shows you exactly when and how much money is entering the market and how much is matched.

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