Grid, Tile & Ladder Trading

For those of you that are already familiar with online betting exchanges, the grid view will be instantly recognisable. The back and lay columns are easily distinguishable and we feature all of the items that you would expect to see.

However, where we differ is in the amount of flexibility we provide for how you interact with it. If you prefer your lay columns to be on the left, they can be switched with just one click. If you are only interested in one back/lay column instead of three, then you can also personalise this view so you are presented with just the data you want to see.

Additional features such as one click betting, being able to keep your bet over any market suspension or changing your stake or chosen price can all be done quickly and easily from within your user display.

Our tile view will be familiar to those of you who have ever played the financial markets, however its relevance as a betting tool cannot be overstated and the way it works on the exchange will mean it becomes an important weapon in your betting armoury. It will enable you to monitor price movements and volumes for multiple selections in a clear, concise way, all in one compact display panel. Once you are ready to place a bet, it can be done directly from within the tile. You can even continue to bet on other unrelated markets, while monitoring the odds on other selections you have open within your tile views.

The ladder on the exchange gives you the opportunity to bet like the pros do. It allows you to implement new betting strategies, eliminating the need to purchase or use other third-party betting software. The ladder provides a vertical view of the odds movements of a selection and gives you the ability to bet quickly and accurately into a fast moving market. The ladder view gives you all the calculations and profit and loss figures with each bet eliminating the need for you to do the calculations yourself.

Indispensable tools at your disposal when using the betting exchange.

Imagine placing a bet and being able to monitor any changes to the market, second by second, on a clear, live graph that shows you exactly when and how much money is entering the market and how much is matched.

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