fully integrated betting tools

The betting exchange provides you with a wide range of betting tools aiming to enhance your betting experience and present you with smart information displays to help you make informed decisions. At the same time reducing the need for you to maintain expensive subscriptions to third-party betting software. In fact, we believe that we are giving you a more comprehensive betting toolkit than any other UK focused betting exchange.

If you have ever traded on a market just before the start of an event, you will know how chaotic the odds movements can be. Our ladder view is the perfect solution, allowing you to focus your attention on individual selections and reducing the complexity of the maths behind backing, laying and hedging a selection.

Have you ever wanted to oversee the prices of several selections at once and at the same time keep your eyes on a different market, well now you can. Our tile view provides you with the ability to monitor the odds on as many selections as you want, making your selections more efficient and enabling you to place bets directly into the market with a minimum of fuss. in-depth charts can be used to help with your predictions of future odds trends by reviewing previous trends and current trends. They add another string to your bow, by providing you with an outline of what is happening in the markets you are tracking and why it is happening.

Our one click betting is a powerful tool to improve your betting agility. It enables you to get involved in the markets far more quickly and removes the delays associated with the process of typing in your stake.

If you have already placed bets, our positions summary gives you a new perspective on managing your betting portfolio. betting tools are there to enhance your betting experience. For the casual gambler they help level the playing field with the professional gambler. For the professional gambler they can add new perspectives and insights into your existing gambling.

Regardless of whether you choose some or all of the betting tools, the betting exchange still offers the features you are familiar with, such as a betting slip, the traditional exchange grid and clear, straightforward market navigation.

Imagine placing a bet and being able to monitor any changes to the market, second by second, on a clear, live graph that shows you exactly when and how much money is entering the market and how much is matched.

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