Create Personalised Watchlists with

At, we are offering another level of customisation to your betting activity with our personalised watchlists.

Your watchlist lets you keep all the selections you want to monitor in one place, enabling you to bet on our markets quickly and easily all the while ensuring you are up to date with odds movements and free to concentrate on the entries you want to focus on.

Your personalised watchlist allows you to add any entry to your own customised panel from the full range of available markets on the exchange. You have the same options available as if you were betting on these selections in their own respective markets, but with the watchlist, you only need to track the entries that interest you. No longer will you have to view the big price outsider or the football team you adamantly refuse to trade on.

Create your watchlist by a simple drag and drop of the entry into the panel. This enables you to compile your daily betting list quickly and efficiently. Set up your preferred selections in the morning, then sit back and monitor price and odds movements throughout the day. You can back and lay as you normally would, but now all from your own customised panel.

Our advanced trading platform displays attributes such as Weight of Money (WoM) within the watchlist, further adding to the depth of available market knowledge. Once you have finished with a selection you can remove it from the panel with just one click. You can have as many as nine watch lists to play with, enabling you to separate them into different categories depending on your preferences.

At we pride ourselves in providing you with a completely flexible solution to your betting needs. Our watchlist feature allows you full control of your personalised view, reducing any distractions by letting you display and focus only on the selections you want to see and helping make your betting more efficient.

Imagine placing a bet and being able to monitor any changes to the market, second by second, on a clear, live graph that shows you exactly when and how much money is entering the market and how much is matched.

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